About us

We Unite As One, LLC

Our Story

We are a full-service production company based in Los Angeles that develops and produces fiction and nonfiction films. Formed by a passionate group of creative professionals with diverse backgrounds in the entertainment business we provide development, research, production, post-production, editorial, marketing and distribution. 

We bring passion and a conscious-driven mindset to every project.

We recently finished production on the feature documentary, THE LAST OF THE WINTHROPS

We create experiences.

We haven’t changed the way films are made, however, we have taken documentary filmmaking to a new level through connecting and uniting our talents with our client’s vision on all levels.

As a full-scale production company, our talents are vast, however, our focus is streamlined to bring stories to life and create experiences that truly touch, entertain and captivate.


  • Writing
  • Creative Development
  • Story Boarding
  • Location Research
  • Project Management
  • Talent Sourcing
  • On-Site Production


  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Graphics
  • Sound Design
  • Animation


  • Film Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social Media

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